by Mapper

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Don't hide, it's okay Don't run away, boy You've put in too much work To be so insecure Show me that face You're so handsome today Help me to discover myself I need like anything else but love Right now Don't cry, don't speak Push it away, boy We've put in too much work For you to be absurd Let's have a drink There's no need to think We are defined by So many adolescent decisions Made while over-stressed and under-informed (Help me to discover myself) Help me to discover myself I need a friend and you're far too close
La Niña 04:50
I'm coming around to Feeling bad, or better I can't tell Still dreaming about you In your bed, or the shower I can't tell the difference You're just wet But I'm dried out now On the hot air you've blown (the hot air) I'm coming around on coming down for a come-up Just confused the directions Still keeping my track of Every day on a counter With a glass of whiskey And something for the pain And I'm dried out now On the hot air you blow (the hot air)
Thieves Cant 03:20
You're wearing my patience Like a badge that you earned By settling down And taking your stabs At my conscience Every day I took my eyes off of you And every night I made my own bed Can we keep it clean between these sheets I can't see this working out I mean it, I'm just too far gone I'm moving on I'm being patient Like you asked, And I've turned my Cheek to the future Buried our past Now that moment the other day I took my eyes off of you Is all this I see In this godforsaken bed "Can we keep it clean For you and me I don't want to work this out I told you, I'm just too far gone" I'm moving on


released June 21, 2019

Instruments/Vocals: Joseph R. Strom
Engineering/Production: Joseph R. Strom
Mastering/Distribution: Plantastic Fanet Media
Special Thanks: I couldn't have made this album without the help and input of my friends and family. You know who you are, and every single one of you is an absolute treasure that I strive to show love to every day of my life.


all rights reserved



Joseph R. Strom San Marcos, Texas

Makes emo/math rock under the name Mapper; electronica and instrumental hip-hop under the name Yesif.
Producer for Alex Alston, Black Fog.
Founder, Plantastic Fanet Media.
Unironic aspiring YouTuber; @josephrstrom everywhere.

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